Underwater World

I’ve seen Mauritius from the ground and from high above. Now the only thing left is to see it from down below! It’s time to dive into the Indian Ocean.

I’ve been out on the water by boat a few times on this trip. The first time was to explore a waterfall, and second time was to fish the Mauritian way. But, I didn’t dip into the ocean until today. I decided to take a very strange form of transportation called a subscooter!

The subscooter is an underwater scooter that you drive along the ocean floor. It has a round helmet on top that looks like a giant bubble. Your head goes inside the bubble while the rest of your body is open to the warm ocean waters. A tube then connects this bubble to a tank that supplies oxygen. It works like an inverted glass underwater to keep air out and allow you to breathe. I was able to stay under for almost 40 minutes exploring the marine life without having to come up for air. It was definitely one of the weirdest things I have ever done!

Before explorers discovered Mauritius, the sea life here was incredible! Today, I can only see a small percentage of the fish that I would have seen a hundred years ago. That is because construction and pollution have harmed the marine life that once lived there.

As I zoomed along in my subscooter I passed through a shimmering school of tiny scissortail fish. Then, one of my underwater guides stuck an octopus right under the top of my scooter! It’s long tentacles wrapped themselves around my wrist. Yikes, I was stuck! I had to pry the slippery sea creature off my arm. I loved every minute of my underwater adventure.