The History of Rice

Rice is one of the most important grains in the world. In fact, rice, wheat, and maize make up more than HALF of all calories consumed by the entire human population! This little grain is super important when it comes to keeping the world fed!

In most parts of the world rice is an annual crop. That means it is only grown once per year. However, in tropical areas it can grow year round. Rice usually requires plenty of water, so it is often found in countries with lots of rainfall. And from what I can tell, it rains A LOT in Malaysia.

You have probably seen pictures of huge fields of rice. These are called rice paddies. But what exactly is a paddy? Paddies are flooded land where rice grows. The water helps keep the soil from eroding or washing away, but the water must be kept at shallow level so that the stems and leaves don’t drown.

For many people rice is a main source of nutrition. In many countries the availability of rice can be the difference between being well fed and fighting starvation. Be sure to think about how important this little grain is the next time you dig into a bowl of delicious rice!