Thailand Today (and tomorrow)

While packing for my trip to Thailand, I dug deep through boxes in the back of my closet to find my headphones. I also came across a forgotten treasure; my CD player.

It’s amazing to think that just a few years ago a CD player was a pretty cool thing to own. Technology is changing so quickly!

Our cities and countries are also changing with the times. For example, in Bangkok, I visited a busy open air market that has been in the same location for over one hundred years. To keep up with Bangkok’s transportation needs, the government extended the railway tracks right through the center of the market.

In other cities the market vendors may have moved their businesses. At this market, they just worked around the moving trains. When the train comes, they pull the awnings and the buckets back! That’s one way to adjust to the times!

Change is not always as positive. Sometimes it can cause debate. For example, in China, the government needed to provide more electricity for its growing population. A huge dam was built on the Yangtze River to create hydro-electric power.

Hydro-electric power is much cleaner than coal or gas. But, to build the dam, the flow of the river had to be stopped. This created a lake behind the dam in an area where 1.2 million people once lived. As a result these people were moved from their homes.

See? It can be hard to balance the needs of the future.