Sawasdee & Welcome to Thailand

“Sawasdee ka!” Hi there, and welcome to Thailand! My name is Jenny and I’m your guide for this Thai adventure.

I started my journey two days ago in New York City . By the time I arrived in Thailand, I had travelled over 8,000 miles and crossed 11 time zones. I hope I can quickly adjust to the time change.

My first stop is the capital – Bangkok. About nine million people live in Bangkok. This is about equal in population to New York City, which is where I live!

Bangkok reminds me of New York City. There is a lot of traffic. The sidewalks are crowded with people quickly moving from place to place. Hundreds of skyscrapers disappear high into the clouds. But, what I find most interesting are the many old temples that still stand in this modern city. Old and new, past and present, all in the same place.

Driving through Bangkok to the hotel, I pressed my face to the car window. I was surrounded by street signs and billboards, but I couldn’t read most of them. The Thai alphabet is made up of a series of swirls and characters I have never seen before. I may not be able to read the Thai alphabet, but I will definitely learn to speak some of language. I’ve already practiced using my guide-book.