Mabriga & Welcome to Belize!

Welcome to Belize! Jenny here, your guide for this Central American adventure.

I started my journey early this morning in New York City. After about four hours on the plane, I arrived in Belize. Once off the plane, I showed my passport to an immigration officer. I got a cool stamp that shows I’m welcome in Belize.

This is my first time in Central America, and when I learned I was visiting Belize I became nervous about being able to speak the local language. That’s because most of the people in Central America speak Spanish as their first language. But, Belize was once a British colony and their official language is English. There are several other languages spoken here including Kriol and Garifuna. Even though I can communicate in English, I think it may be time for me to learn a new language.

Being located on the coast of the Caribbean also means Belize has a variety of cultures. That’s because many different countries traded in this area. People from Europe and West Africa came to this small nation and met indigenous people of the area. This makes the population of Belize pretty diverse.