Farm to Table (or Table to Farm)

In Belize, it seems that people care a great deal about their farmland and oceans. For example, my hotel composts food scraps from the restaurant. This composted soil is used on their farm to help grow fruits and vegetables.

Most fruits and vegetables grow in Belize’s tropical climate, but this rich soil helps young plants thrive. So, I visited Marie Sharp’s factory to follow the journey of one locally-grown fruit from farm to table – the hot habanero pepper!

In 1981, Marie Sharp began making sauces and jams with the vegetables and fruits which grew on her family farm. When friends and neighbors got a taste, they encouraged her to start a family business to sell the jams and sauces. Today, Marie is a local celebrity, and her spicy sauce is sold all over the world.

All the fruits and vegetables Marie Sharp uses are locally grown. At most restaurants in Belize, you can find her sauce sitting on the table next to the salt and pepper shakers. I like spicy foods, but this stuff is HOT! Just a little of the spicy sauce goes a long way and has made my meals in Belize taste even better.

Do you know where your food comes from? Is it locally-grown, raised, or caught?