En la Cocina

Mexican cuisine is so much more than fast food restaurants, greasy cheese nachos, and microwaveable burritos. Mexican cooking uses the best and freshest ingredients to create family-style cooking, tasty street foods, and even high-end cuisine. Adventurous eaters can find corn fungus, cow tongue, and even dried, salted grasshoppers!

Oaxaca is known as the food capital of México. To take in all the sights, tastes, and smells of Oaxaca, Chef Ruiz took me to an open-air market.

I love visiting markets when travelling! Although México has grocery megastores, it’s incredible to see how food travels from the farm straight to the market. Many market vendors specialize in just a few items. This means shoppers must visit one vendor to buy tomatoes and another to purchase chicken. This sort of shopping has been done all over the world for hundreds of years. For me, grocery shopping this way makes me further appreciate each ingredient and the care and attention that goes into farming.

At the market, Chef Ruiz took me to a couple of his favorite food stalls. He selected a few traditional Oaxacan street foods to sample. My favorite was the sliced mango covered in lime juice, chili, and salt. My fellow travellers liked the roasted goat tacos the best. They were slow-cooked over hot coals to make the meat tender. But, I had to skip this treat because I’m a vegetarian. It’s a good thing there are plenty of local vegetables, fruits, and cheeses to enjoy!