Challenges of a Young Nation

Africa is the second largest continent on Earth. This continent has more than 50 different countries, and each country has its own issues.

When I hear about Africa in the news its usually about conflict, AIDS, poverty, and hunger. Africa is about much more than these issues, but it’s important to understand these challenges.

Fact: In South Africa, about 6 million people are living with HIV/AIDS. This is almost one in eight people.

Questions to think about: Is poverty the reason for so many being infected? Are there educational programs to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS?

Fact: In South Africa, one in four adults are unemployed.

Questions to think about: Is the government to blame? Are schools giving students job training?

Fact: There are more than two million shacks in South Africa. These are households without plumbing or electricity.

Questions to think about: What doesn’t the government move everyone in to solid housing? Is it important to eliminate these shacks?

What are some of the big challenges facing your country?