Bienvenue á Maurice

“Bonjour” explorers and welcome to Mauritius! My name is Jenny and I’m your guide to exploring this small African country. I started my journey two days ago in New York City. During my trip, I took three flights and spent about 20 hours on planes! This is the longest trip I have ever taken.

Flying over Mauritius is beautiful! The island seems to pop out of nowhere. From the plane, I can see turquoise waters and white beaches. From above, it looks like paradise!

Once off the plane, I show my passport to an immigration officer. I get a stamp that showed I’m welcome in Mauritius.

Over the next two weeks, I will explore the sugarcane fields, colorful temples, and marine life of the Indian Ocean.

Once I learned I was travelling to Mauritius I did lots of reading to learn about the country. Everything I read talked about how diverse the country is. For example, several languages are spoken in Mauritius – French, English, and Mauritian Creole. These languages tell the story of different groups of people who have settled on the island.

On my way from the airport to the hotel, I hear French and English. I studied French in school so I am able to speak a little with the people I meet.

Mauritian Creole is a language that is based on French mixed with several African languages. Mauritian Creole developed as a way for slaves who spoke different languages to communicate with one another. I bet that I can understand a little, but speaking it could be very tricky!