A Little Taste of South Africa

“Try everything at least once!” I think this is an excellent attitude for travellers.

Like any major international city, you can find nearly every type of food in Johannesburg: French, Italian, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Japanese. For more daring eaters, South African cuisine also has treats ranging from crocodile to wildebeest.

When it comes to trying these new and unfamiliar foods, Ilana is the most daring of my group. She even ate worms! Yes, worms!

Mopani worms are the larvae of Emperor moths. In the northern part of the country, they are an important part of people’s diets because they are an inexpensive source of protein.

Are you grossed out by the idea of eating bugs? Well, more than half the world’s population eats insects regularly. People in Thailand consider deep fried water bugs a treat. In México grasshoppers covered in salt, lime, and chili are a popular snack food.