The History of Rice

Rice is the most widely consumed food for a large part of the world’s population, especially in Asia. When it comes to worldwide consumption, rice accounts for one-fifth of all human caloric intake globally. This little grain is hugely important when it comes to keeping the world fed!

In most parts of the world rice is an annual crop, meaning it’s only grown once per year. However, in tropical areas it can grow year round. Rice usually requires plenty of water, so it’s often grown in regions with high annual rainfall. The rice paddy, a system of growing rice in a man-made pond, is probably the most well known method of growing rice. Many parts of Asia simply wouldn’t look the same without these picturesque parcels of flooded land.

For many people rice is a main source of nutrition. In many countries the availability of rice can be the difference between being well fed and fighting starvation. Be sure to think about how important this little grain is the next time you dig into a bowl of delicious rice!