The Catch of the Day

Thailand has over 1,800 miles of coastline, and most of the country is just a short distance from the ocean. The sea provides food, trade routes, and a setting for transportation. This makes access to the ocean an important part of a country’s culture and economy.

Fishing makes up a large portion of Thailand’s economy, and docks around Phuket bustle each day with boats dropping off the latest catch from the Andaman Sea. Crews on fishing boats pull up catfish, carp, perch, and even shark!

In addition to a large assortment of fish, Thailand leads the world in exporting tiger prawns (tiger shrimp). However, this reliance on the sea has led to overfishing of some species.

Recently, the Thai government has passed laws that promote growth among fish populations. For example, one of these law regulates size restrictions – ensuring that fish have a chance to spawn before they are caught. I sure hope the ocean isn’t low on shrimp, because I’m really enjoying Tom Yum Goong soup!