Mabriga! Welcome to Belize!

I start my journey early morning in New York City. After about four hours in flight, I arrive in Belize. Once off the plane, I present my passport to an immigration officer for inspection. Within a few minutes, I obtain a little stamp that shows I’m welcome in Belize.

Mabriga and Hello! My name is Kat, and I’ll be your guide as we explore the rainforests, cities, jungles, histories, and cultures of Belize.

While the histories and cultures of most countries in South and Central America are influenced by the Spanish Belize is still technically under the rule of the British, and its official language is English.

Being located on the coast of the Caribbean also meant Belize was influenced by a wide variety of cultures, particularly those that traded through this part of the Americas. Peoples from Europe and West Africa came to this small nation and met indigenous people of the area; this mixing can be seen today in mix languages like Kriol and Garifuna. I’m amazed to think of a country just larger than the state of Massachusetts having so many different languages!