A Taste of Sydney

One way to better understand Australia’s diverse history is by eating! Human history in Australia can be traced back over 30,000 years, but many different groups have brought their own cooking styles, flavors and ingredients.

Traditionally, Australian Aboriginal food (or bush food) is based on their hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Their diet, generally high in calories, fat, and protein, is comprised of native plants and animals that vary depending on the region and climate.

When the British and Irish settlers arrived they brought with them their culinary traditions as well as ingredients such as flour and sugar. They also introduced Western livestock like sheep and cattle to the continent.

Today, the marriage of these food cultures is evident in local, contemporary cuisine. On many menus in Sydney, I notice there is a focus on ingredients grown and raised in Australia. As the demand for organic food has become increasingly popular, it has spurred a revival of the Aboriginal diet, and bush foods featuring local produce and herbs are making their way back into Australian kitchens.