En la Cocina

México is an incredible exploration of smells and tastes. From 5-star restaurants to humble market stalls, I observed chefs with diverse culinary training and techniques create amazing dishes full of flavors and passion.

While each of the cities I visited has unique and delicious offerings, Oaxaca takes the cake. This state has extremely rich soil that allows for the diverse array of produce in the region’s food. Oaxacan-born chef Alejandro Ruiz is an expert at finding the freshest ingredients for his restaurant.

Chef Ruiz and I visited his favorite food stalls to sample some traditional Oaxacan snacks including succulent tacos with roasted goat, that had been slow-cooked over hot coals.

Chef Ruiz is an expert at finding the freshest ingredients. At the labyrinthian Mercado de Abastos, I watched his savvy eye and keen nose select fresh orange guia, or squash blossoms, and vibrant green chepil: produce and ingredients that extends far beyond what I believed traditional Mexican cuisine to be.