Caribbean Cuisine

Throughout history, the Caribbean has been inhabited by Arawaks, Caribs,the Portuguese, the Spanish, the French, the Dutch, West Africans, the English, East Indians, and the Chinese, to name a few. As one travels around the Caribbean, there is distinct evidence that the Caribbean is a great melting pot. And so, dishes are prepared with any number of these influences.

While seafood is abundant, goat is a staple of Kittian and Nevisian cuisine (along with rice and beans). Arguably, goat water is the national dish. This hearty stew of goat meat is seasoned with locally-grown herbs and spices, and slow cooked along with vegetables like yams, potato, bananas, and dumplings. Variations on this dish are prepared throughout the Caribbean.

Due to its rich volcanic soil, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables grow and thrive on both islands: tomatoes, peas, peppers, cassava, squash, pineapples, bananas, yams, mangoes, and, of course, coconuts. Coconuts, on occasion, can prove a tricky crop to harvest, as you will see.