Emily Chan

Curriculum Designer

By the time she was ten, Emily Chan had flown enough miles to circle the globe…seven times. Needless to say, globe-trotting was a habit formed early, and she blames her colorful childhood in Singapore and Japan as the reason she loves to learn about cultures, countries, and languages.

As an elementary educator (M.Ed.) since 2004, Emily enjoys connecting her students with the great wide world, often through sharing her global experiences and the occasional photograph of her eating something unique (And yes, that list includes fried scorpion). She has taught in California and Colorado, and at private international schools in the Philippines and China. In 2011, she took a sabbatical year from teaching to volunteer in a global service project, travelling to fourteen different countries, on three continents.

Emily has been connected with ProjectExplorer.org since its genesis, and has been developing curriculum and lesson plans for the organization since 2012. Her lesson plan template model was adopted by ProjectExplorer.org in 2013 and utilizes her professional training in curriculum design, Project-Based Learning, and multilingual / multicultural integration.

If you ask Emily how many languages she speaks, she will reply, with a glimmer in her eye, ““Fluently? English.” But her BA in Japanese Studies reveals that is not entirely true. Emily’s polyglot-like tendencies often emerge when she meets people from different countries. It is not uncommon to hear her spout phrases in Japanese, Chichewa, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Filipino (Tagalog), Khmer, and Runyankore Rukiga, but her favorite language of all is that of a simple smile.