Sadaf Syed

Jr. Board (founding member)

Sadaf is an Associate currently working on the High Yield Energy Research desk at Citigroup. Sadaf is responsible for coverage of high yield and leveraged loan issuers across the exploration & production, midstream, and refinery sub-sectors. Prior to joining this team she was an Associate on the High Yield Credit Trading and US Economics Research desks, both at Citi. Sadaf graduated Magna Cum Laude from Rutgers University in New Jersey with a BS in Finance and a double minor in Mathematics and Economics.

Sadaf has a love for traveling and learning new cultures developed from a young age, with her first international flight taken at just 6 months old. She has traveled across four continents but hopes to continue to see much more of the world in the future. Sadaf was born and raised in New Jersey and currently lives in New York City.