Claire LaBrunerie


Claire is Head of Global Distribution at the boutique asset management company SKY Harbor Capital Management. Prior to her current role, Claire served as Chief Operating Officer during SKY Harbor’s early growth phase, where she focused on process improvements and execution throughout the company’s global operations. Prior to SKY Harbor, Claire amassed more than two decades of experience developing businesses across sectors, market cycles, regions, and stages of growth in a number of service areas including: capital markets, foreign currency trading, derivatives hedging, sales and distribution, investment and competitive research, risk management, merger integration, and M&A advisory services. Among the firms where she worked, Claire managed cross-functional and multinational teams at PepsiCo, GE Capital, JP Morgan Chase, and Sumitomo Trust. Claire currently serves on the ESG and diversity advisory task forces for SKY Harbor Capital Management and SKY Harbor Global Funds, where she has been part of the C-level team leading this asset management firm to take a lead in fixed income responsible investing and active corporate engagement.

Claire received a BA with Honors in International Relations from Stanford University, as well as an MA from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. After working several years on Wall Street, Claire earned an MBA in Finance and Multinational Management from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to her native English, Claire speaks Spanish, French, and German and has worked and/or traveled in 109 countries with aspiration of visiting another dozen in the coming decade. Closer to home, Claire is an avid hiker and camper, having summited each of the Adirondack 46’s over the past three decades solo or with a combination of longtime friends, her four children and two dogs.