Passport Programs

How can educators address the growing need to build global competency in their classrooms?’s Professional Development workshops provide the perfect tools to engage students in global learning, while also helping educators expand their repertoire of resources and multimedia tools to make it easy to bring the world into the classroom. Each of our Four Passport Programs are designed to prepare teachers and students to meet or exceed state standards.

Professional Development

Our professional development workshops explore how the power of multimedia can support the development of global competencies, while providing engaging and relevant content knowledge. Participants will discover ways to bring the real world to their students through virtual learning experiences. Learn more.

School Visits

Connect your students with the team. This unique and fully-customizable offering allows your students to interview cast and crew members about their global adventures. Learn more.

Virtual Visits can visit your class via the web! Using two-way interactive videoconferencing or Skype®, students can connect with a member of the team for an engaging, informational, and interactive virtual classroom visit. Learn more.

Keynote Founder and Executive Director, Jenny M. Buccos, shares her perspective on the importance of developing students’ global competence. Her keynotes are both inspiring and practical, as she leaves the audience with at least 10 different resources they can use with students right away! Learn more.