Why GlobalEd?

In today’s world, geographic borders and barriers are constantly being erased. Our planet’s future hinges on the cultural competence of all its inhabitants, at a time when many education systems provide limited intercultural competency components. Around the world, many have failed to understand that global understanding is a skill that all students will need to possess in order to address global issues and function in a global society.

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What is the #10Million Initiative?

Since 2003, has brought the world into the classroom with free multimedia content and lesson plans that improve students’ global awareness and cross-cultural understanding. Nearly six million students have used our online materials to become more globally and culturally aware. Now we’re on a mission to create #10Million globally competent youth by 2020.

Measuring Global Knowledge

Unlike traditional academic subjects, there is no set framework to assess intercultural knowledge and global competency. In partnership with thought leaders and educators from the Apartheid Museum, the World Affairs Council, Sister Cities International, and the U.N., we have identified a core set of questions every 25-year old should be able to answer to demonstrate their intercultural knowledge.

Global knowledge is the first step on the path global citizenship – it is the foundation that will allow one to take action toward positive global change. Please contact us if your school or organization is interested in joining the #10Million initiative.